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Security Services

Lanier is proud to serve commercial and government spaces such as schools, hospitals, or large business offices. We understand the importance of the work that happens in these spaces, which is why we provide security solutions for these buildings and other commercial zones. Security systems help you protect what you love, and with Lanier’s advanced technology, you can rest assured knowing that your patrons and facilities will stay safe no matter what. Our trained team can walk you through multiple options for commercial security systems, and assess your space for the technology that will work best. We are a professional technology firm dedicated to outfitting your commercial space with the safety electronics it needs.

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Security Services Design, Installation, and Maintenance

There are multiple ways to use technology to protect your commercial building. We can help you with access control technology, which monitors who enters and exits your space. This can take the form of electronic locks or outfitting your building with login credential technology that utilizes specific keypads and passwords for location entry. We also provide video surveillance technology, such as installing cameras throughout your building, so you can always keep track of what is going on – inside and outside.

To manage the guests who enter your building, we also offer visitor entry technology. This visitor management system can take the form of an electronic ID checking kiosk, or even software that checks the criminal background of your visitors. Rest assured knowing that your building and the people inside of it stay safe with the help of Lanier’s security technologies.

The Lanier team is dedicated to providing you and your building with an unmatched level of service. We know how important your technology solutions are, especially when it comes to security. We want to help you use modern electronics to best outfit your space, all with the help of our highly professional and well-trained staff. Whether you’re a K-12 school, utilities provider, medical facility, or anything in between, we are ready to help you today.

Lanier is here to help you with your technological security solutions. Get in touch now to get started.