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Fiber Optic Data Cabling Solutions

Sometimes standard data cabling is not enough and your building needs to take its telecommunications to the next level. Fiber optic cables are similar to normal data cables, except they contain multiple optic fibers that carry light. This light travels through your cable network for much longer without losing its strength than in a normal cable network, which eliminates the need for cable boosters. Ultimately, fiber optics are essential for any building that needs the highest network bandwidth possible. If your building needs electronics solutions for long-distance connections between cities, the fastest Internet possible, or always-luminous lighting and decorations, fiber optic cabling can get the job done.

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Fiber Optic Data Cabling Design, Installation and Maintenance

Every technician at Lanier Electronics Group is trained and experienced in all aspects of fiber optic design, installation and maintenance. We’ll assess your building to figure out the best layout for your fiber optic network. Once your fiber optic cables are expertly installed, we’ll always be around for regular maintenance or repairs if something were to go wrong. We want to make sure that fiber optic cabling meets all of your building’s needs and your services are running as smoothly as possible!

At Lanier Electronics Group, we are highly dedicated to providing top-notch service. Our technicians are honest, reliable, and always upfront about pricing. Our community is important to us, and we want to help each local school, medical center, utilities provider, or anything in between have the best professional technology solutions possible. We look forward to working with your building today!

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