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Infrastructure Refresh

These days, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. It can be hard for a business to keep up even if they have a newer building and adequate infrastructure. That being said, it can be especially difficult for a site with an older design and dated infrastructure to support modern day technology. Upgrading your infrastructure is a significant investment – of your time, energy, and finances – which is why Lanier Electronics Group wants to make this procedure as seamless as possible. We can help you revamp your entire infrastructure – just like pressing the “refresh” button on your building!

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The Infrastructure Refresh Process

There are a lot of parts involved in the infrastructure refresh procedure. One of our experienced technicians will perform a full survey of your site and assess what needs updating. This could include:

  • Checking server, storage, backup solutions
  • Testing network security and WiFi
  • Checking, restructuring, or possible replacing data cabling systems
  • Updating audiovisual systems
  • And more

An infrastructure refresh is guaranteed to make your site operate more efficiently and reliably. We hope to help increase your building’s organizational agility so that your systems run smoother with new up to date infrastructure. Whether you’re a school that wants brand-new interactable whiteboards, a hospital that needs an updated file transfer system, or anything else, Lanier is here to refresh your infrastructure and help your site function better.

We at Lanier Electronics Group have been serving our local Prince George’s County for over 25 years. Our highly experienced technicians pride themselves on performing high-quality, efficient service at each and every job. We want to do whatever we can to help your commercial space function at its best. We can’t wait to help you refresh your location today!

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